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Picture this common scenario; Half way into a job, you notice some paint leaking out of the top of your pump. If it’s a Graco pump, try to tighten the packing nut and hope the leak stops. The leak is not that bad and the pump still maintains good spray pressure, so you think, let’s finish the job and then drop it off to service.

Leaking paint is abrasive and easily cuts through seals and damage the piston rod or cylinder. The rule for service centers is, if you can catch your fingernail on a scratch, it needs to be replaced because new seals will get ripped up by the scratch.

Bittner’s is utilizing a sanding/polishing technique to eliminate the less severe scratches that would still warrant replacement. This can save anywhere from $150 to $800 depending on the size of sprayer involved. Very deep gouges still require a new rod and it is still recommended to repack your sprayer at first sign of leaking, but Bittner’s rod saving technique saves customers thousands of dollars in rods every month.

Being the only service center in Chicago to utilize this technique, dropping your sprayers off at Bittner’s is the only way of being sure to save hundreds if those pistons have scratches on them. For local service Bittner’s offer’s this service for no additional cost. If you are not from the Chicagoland area, mail your rod to us and we’ll refinish it for only $20, including the shipping back.

Below are a few examples

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