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Greg Bittner

  • Can you use any paint in an electric paint sprayer?
    Most electric airless sprayers are limited to 3300psi. There are certain High Solids paints that require more pressure. The shortest answer would be that you can spray any normal paint through an electric paint sprayer.
  • Does an airless sprayer use less paint than a roller?
    Airless spray application creates about 30% overspray or more accurately, bounce back. So, technically you’d use a little more. There is a case for thin film application that is hard to achieve with a roller and in that case a sprayer would use less paint.
  • Does an electric paint sprayer need a compressor?
    An electric airless sprayer doesn’t need an air compressor. However, if you want to get fancy and hook-up an air assist airless spray gun to your airless sprayer in order to achieve a fine spray at lower pressures, then you’d need a small compressor for the air-assist part of the deal.
  • What is the number one rule when using airless spray guns?
    Don’t stick any body part within 5/8” of the nozzle. High pressure airless spray can inject paint under the skin. If that does happen, go straight to urgent care and have them treat it.
  • What material is used for parking lot striping?
    There is specific striping paint that holds up to the rigors of weather and traffic.
  • What is spray on roof coating?
    There are several types of Spray on Roof coatings such as an Asphalt emulsion with or without fibers and aluminum flakes. There are Acrylic Elastomeric Roof Coatings as well as coatings such as urethane, Silicone or Polyurea.
  • What kind of spray gun do you use to paint a roof?
    Since roof coatings are applied at a higher flow rate than paint, a gun that can handle at least 2gpm is preferable. Some common guns are the Graco Silver Plus gun (243283) or the Flo-mastic gun (224472)
  • What do I clean my sprayer out with?
    For water-based coatings use water or better is soapy water. Best yet is hot soapy water. For oil based coatings, check the can to see what solvent is in there already, call the manufacturer or check to see which solvent works best.
  • How do I store my pump?
    If you flushed the sprayer with water, introduce some antifreeze for freeze and corrosion protection. If you flushed it with mineral spirits, then just leave it in there. If you flushed with a hot solvent, replace it with mineral spirits to preserve the packings.

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