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BSE Pump Shield - Wash n Store fluid for rust & freeze protection

Provides not only freeze and rust protection to expensive sprayer components but also lubricates packings and seals. Now reformulated with extra cleaning power ingredients. 


This 1 Gallon container can winterize many sprayers or pressure washers by priming the sprayer with Pump shield to displace the water and them pumping the Pump Shield back out to be used again. Note to dispose of the water into a seperate container while priming as not to dilute the Pump Shield. 


  • Developed by a Spray Equipment Service Center
  • Use after regular water cleanup
  • Reformulated with more cleaning power
  • Protect from freezing to -20 degrees
  • Rust inhibitors protect steel components
  • Contains lubricants to condition packings



Clean pump with water or BSE Pump wash

Prime with wash n store, then run through hose & gun.

To take full advantage of the cleaning power, recirculate through prime valve and then spray gun for a several minutes to let the solvents and surfactant clean even more. Then, introduce some fresh wash n store through prime valve and gun for seasons long storage.

BSE Pump Shield - Wash n Store fluid for rust & freeze protection


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