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3 Common Benefits of Using an Electric Airless Paint Sprayer

If you are looking for a paint sprayer, consider getting an airless model. As the name suggests, an airless paint sprayer does not depend on compressed air to atomize paint. Instead, a tiny spray tip fans the paint under high pressure. The following are the benefits of using an electric airless paint sprayer.

1. Time-Efficient Equipment

An electric airless paint sprayer is beneficial because it is time-efficient. The sprayer releases highly pressurized paint as quickly as desired, up to the capacity of the sprayer. This allows you to cover large areas quickly or small objects with more control. As such, you will always complete tasks more quickly to guarantee fast turnaround times for your clients.

2. Smooth and Even Finishes

Using an airless paint sprayer means smooth and even finishes. An electric airless sprayer can achieve better finishes with a thinner film than brush or roll by atomizing the paint into tiny droplets. Achieve a superior paint finish by using an airless sprayer that will satisfy your customers' needs.

3. Low Operating Costs

An electric airless sprayer can help you save money in many ways. For starters, the sprayer uses and wastes less paint than air-spray applications. It also does not need an air compressor to operate, meaning you will not have to purchase an additional piece of equipment. In addition, the airless equipment uses less energy than an air compressor. The main savings is in labor costs. A quick and efficient application of coatings is much faster than brush and roll or air spray. Thus, using an electric airless sprayer can save a lot of money.

Order an Electric Airless Sprayer Now

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